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The Benefits of Buying Australian Made

The Benefits of Buying Australian Made

9th Sep 2021

Do you know where your household products come from? Do you know who makes them? How much waste is produced? If labour conditions for workers are fair?

It's not always easy to know exactly how our everyday products are made. Buying locally produced items allows us to see every step along the way. We get to know the manufacturer, the workers, and the environmental impact our dollars have.

All Dusk&Dawn mattresses are made using Australian made foams and fabrics. We proudly use GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) and Oeko-Tex certified materials - these standards ensure stringent environmental standards and practices.

Being aware and taking responsibility for how we shop helps us make informed decisions about whether or not we want to continue consuming certain goods. The benefits of buying local are clear: manufacturers have access to raw materials at lower prices; they use less energy during operations and they often pay higher wages (better working conditions and fewer accidents.)

Our Dusk&Dawn mattresses are made under license by Comfort Sleep who have been making quality mattresses for over 40 years, right here in Melbourne, Australia.

Results for consumers and communities are better too - Australian made products offer longer lifespans because they are made with quality and attention to detail. In addition, when you purchase an item made by someone who lives nearby, you're supporting your community's economy and helping people stay connected to where they live.

Yes, buying an Australian-made product is typically more expensive than a similar item made offshore. Reasons being; higher labour costs here sure, but Australian workers are treated fairly. They work in safe workplaces with fair conditions - imagine these people are your friends and family- because they are!

The main benefit for consumers is quality- you won’t find it better anywhere else. Every one of our mattresses is custom made for each customer, one by one. We don’t have a warehouse full of stock gathering dust. This does mean you might have to wait a little longer - but it’s worth the wait for something you will sleep on for the next ten years.

At Dusk&Dawn it’s our mission to keep every part of our process local. From the Aussie-grown wool to the Melbourne manufacturing, we are proud to play a role in keeping the economy strong and supporting our hard-working people.

Being an Australian brand means more than just sticking an ‘Australian Made Kangaroo’ badge on goods. It’s a belief, a privilege and an honour - a symbol of trust we’re proud to wear.

We encourage our customers to continue to seek environmentally friendly alternatives to products they use every day. This includes purchasing goods produced locally or by companies with an ethical stance on sustainability.

Dusk&Dawn is proud to be Australian made, and a loved brand empowering small Australian businesses and the people behind them.

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